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These questions find their vidobratgggzhennya in various publications, research copyright and printed materials, but systematic scientific study on the said issue a reasoned and available only in the author's book "Design trends and directions of development. The staff of the National Research Institute developed a design solution design version of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster the design development made in This version does not claim perfection in its design, provides the giardia treatment humans naturally development of its components with the participation of a wide range of specialists.

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This development is typical, although not a typical example sotsiodyzaynu and naturally ecodesign. The initial argument for making design concept were the following considerations: - No reliable theoretical and practical studies giardia treatment humans naturally "behavior" of the destroyed fourth power unit at the sarcophagus any design!

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In Ukraine, as in the world, the problem of nuclear power plants giardia treatment humans naturally have exhausted their resources, is in fact not yet done, and the chance of turning them in the future, for example, cyclopean sarcophagi cannot zhahnuty humanity absurdity of such a perspective.

In fact, areas with similar sarcophagi are hundreds of years and this exclusion zones at least.

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So sarcophagus not be regarded as an optimal perspective or in the case of the fourth power unit of Chernobyl, nor at the decision of a wider problem: what to do with nuclear power plants at all — at the end of their life?

Based on the foregoing, we believe that this time the international community should not be the task of strengthening the sarcophagus although current work necessaryand elimination of radioactive masses fourth power, the elimination of the sarcophagus, deactivation of all land in the area sarcophagus.

Giardia elleni féreghajtó must be accompanied by processing whole mass contaminated by radiation from the giardia treatment humans naturally observance of environmental safety in the course of the whole process of elimination, but science has not yet found effective technologies to this problem.

giardia treatment humans naturally